Guess Who’s Back


Guess Who’s Back

Guess who’s back, back again, Bryan’s back, tell a friend.

This raises a few questions.

1. Who is Bryan?

Answer: me. A failing writer who has been on a downward spiral ever since the dizzying heights of getting a letter printed in The Simpsons Comic aged eleven.

2. Back? Was he ever here?

Answer: Yes, yes I was. Any old idiot can get a rush of blood to the head and fanny-fart out an abortive wordpress blog. These are ten a penny. But it takes an obsessive compulsive idiot with borderline personality issues to maintain it. Fear not, good people, for I am such an idiot – despite appearances. Unfortunately, a series of tragic events prevented me from posting regularly since I set up this blog: getting made homeless, hospitalisation, getting married.

But now I’m back, back for good. Back to entertain the seventeen people who have viewed this blog since its inception (from the same two suspiciously familiar IPs). Back to post randomicity to my heart’s content for I have no actual readers whose sensibilities I must cater to or editors with a lust for profit to satisfy. Back to splurge words all over your screen as only a writer manqué can.

© 2014 Bryan A. J. Parry a.k.a. The Doggerelizer

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