Random Images 1

Every so often, I come across random images on the web. Funny or quirky stuff, the like of which I’ve never seen before. Fifteen years or so worth of randomness. Looking back through my old PC folders, I’ve just realised: that’s a hell of a lot of images!

So once a month, in order to (1) tickle / delight / disturb you, (2) give you an insight into my psyche, (3) post without actually bothering to do any work, I will post up a random image. No words, no fuss, just pure randomness.

I’ll try to credit the source for each of these wonderful images, but seeing as I’ve saved them over a period of a decade and a half… I don’t exactly have the sources written down. But please let me know the source if you know the source so I can credit the source.

Here’s the first one for you. Every person I’ve ever showed it to has gone either, “Yeah… I don’t get it”, or, “Yeah… that’s not funny”. Well. You’re wrong.


text © 2014 Bryan A. J. Parry

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