The Guardian joins the roll of cowardly papers

Sums my thoughts up precisely.

Why Evolution Is True

Is it surprising that the Guardian joins the growing list of those newspapers who refuse to reprint the Charlie Hebdo cartoons? But that’s what I would have expected given that rag’s repeated failure to condemn the religious nature of Islamic terrorism. And, in an unsigned editorial in yesterday’s Comment is Free, the paper gives an unconvincing explanation for its decision not to show those cartoons. The reason: because those reprints would chance the “voice” of the Guardian and “alter their editorial values.”  Cry me a river!  Here are the paper’s weasel words:

In social media, the call has been loud – and aimed at several British newspapers, including this one – to take a stand by publishing the very images that made Charlie Hebdo a target. For the most vociferous, republishing a sample of the magazine’s usual fare, which the Guardian has already done, is not enough: they insist that true defenders of free…

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