Fatty Parry


On Christmas Day, conversation turned to my wedding last year. One of my uncles said that I had never looked better than on my wedding day. Another said I had looked like “an actual real model”. At that time, I had slimmed down to 14st 5lb (201lb, around 92kg). I was still overweight, but I was trimmer than I had been since I was around 20 years old.

Svelte Parry: My Previous "Model" Look, 4th Oct 2013
Svelte Parry: My Previous “Model” Look, 4th Oct 2013

But since the wedding, I have ballooned. Lack of regular gym work plus a slack diet have meant that I am now 16st 7lb (231lb, 105kg). That is quite literally the fattest I have ever been. The phrase, “All bought and paid for” springs to mind.

Well, I’m sick of this. I am comfortable with myself and not especially vain. So I’ve never been massively bothered. But I do need to take care of myself; I’m 30 now, and it’s only going to get harder to stay healthy. My lower legs joints are already half-f*cked, and I sweat when I walk — how am I going to handle a couple of kids and the shopping?


  • will get down to a healthy weight. For my size and build, I know that is, at max, 13st 7lb, ideally around 12st 7lb – 13st.
  • will achieve this weight loss, combined with general increases in strength and stamina and general wellbeing, by going to the gym a minimum of three times per week, using  my workplace gym daily for 30′ intense sessions, and eating more healthily.
  • will achieve this weight loss by the end of the year; I want to go back down to 14st 5lb by mid-February (as I have a photoshoot; don’t ask!). Hopefully I can get down to 13st 7lb by June, but the key is to do it healthily; so if it takes till December or beyond for me to reach 13st 7lb, then so be it. So long as I am making constant progress.

In order to motivate myself, I will be updating this every month.

Oh yeah, and I’ll also be posting these pics up to remind me to GET A GRIP:

Super Sexy New Look Me: 4th January 2015, 16st 7lbs.
Super Sexy New Look Me: 12th January 2015, 16st 7lbs.
Ooh, Mama! Come get me while I'm young and hawt!
Ooh, Mama! Come get me while I’m young and hawt!

featured image from http://www.epiclol.com/cdn/pictures/2012/04/fat-cat-in-denial_1334642927_epiclolcom.jpg

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