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Somaliland Petition: Outcome


My official petition to make the British government officially recognise Somaliland’s independence has now closed. It didn’t quite get the 100,000 signatures required for an obligatory government response; it got 611.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. That 611 represents more than the combined signatories to all other Somaliland petitions put together.* So, when set against the 100,000 target, 611 is indeed a dismal failure; but when set against the past Somaliland petitions, 611 is an outstanding success — literally the best there has ever been. So I am both proud, and deeply disappointed.

So where from here? But first, why bother?

I do not have Somali family or any real interest in Somalia or Somaliland itself. I have no ulterior or selfish reasons for my campaigning on this. Rather, I am passionate about national liberal democracy: that a world organised according to a brotherhood of sovereign nations thoroughly exercising liberal democracy is the best and only way for a moral and free world to thrive and function. This view is grounded in the notion that all peoples have a right to exercise their freedom and join the brotherhood of soveriegn nations if they so choose. Somaliland to me represents a fairly non-controversial and unequivocal example of this principle. And our continued refusal to recognise Somaliland not only goes against the principles I just outlined, but it thoroughly jeopardises the democracy that Somaliland is building. Thus, the failure to support Somaliland by way of recognising its independence and all which that entails not only is morally wrong from a theoretical standpoint, but it is also an error given practical and pragmatic considerations.

But for more context and explanation, see here for my previous Doggerelizer article on the subject, and see here for the official government petition’s page.

So where from here?

Simple. I continue to campaign for national liberal democracy. Perhaps this time focusing on a different nation which may appeal to more people. And I will keep the fight for the recognition of Somaliland going. I will keep you all informed.

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The Good Life (POEM)


I wrote this poem as being explicitly Epicurean. I view it as the younger, crapper brother of my other poem On Reading Ecclesiastes 3:19-21 Again. I read it on my YouTube channel here.


Bryan A. J. Parry

Send me a pot of cheese
That I, on special days,
May feast if I so please.
But on the everyday,
Crackers, unbuttered bread,
Keep hunger well at bay;
And knowing this brings joy
That will not dim or cloy.

I do not fear the sky,
It’s only atoms, air,
So really, why would I?
The Gods don’t lie in wait
To strike from clouds with bolts
Then sprint off with Giants’ gait;
And knowing this is strength
That lasts my whole lifes length.

Is Death a thing to fear?
Was pre-conception woe?
Nope, death ain’t worth one tear.
But death of friends is pain,
Oh yes, but thank luck you met,
They now indwell your brain;
And knowing this is calm
Remembrance the mind’s own balm.

The dreadful things in life
Infirmity, disease,
Are not fantastic strife:
If long, they ebb and flow,
If short, they soon have passed,
Both ways it’s finite woe.
And knowing this cures fear
Since relief is ever near.

But now it comes to mind,
The foremost thing to do
Is love the life you find;
It’s the only life you’ve got,
You’ll never have another,
So waste not your precious lot;
Don’t rue what you dont own
Most men have greater plights to moan.

So before I drift away to never wake,
Heed my final words, for Goodness Sake!
Sing, dance, embrace your life,
Eat, drink, enjoy your wife.


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© 2010 – 2014 Bryan A. J. Parry

Fatty Parry 4: Mission Impossible (Day 21 of 35)

fattyparryedited1I was given 30 days to lose 30lbs and get back to my wedding weight of 14st 5lb. Why? Because of a photoshoot (don’t ask). That’s now been extended to 35 days! Today is day 21 of 35.

See my previous posts on the subject here:
Fatty Parry 1, Fatty Parry 2, Fatty Parry 3.


Another ridiculously long working week (6 days of 14 hours each) has stopped me working out as hard as I would like. But I have been working out extra hard when I do get the chance.

My food has not been perfect, but it’s been marginally better.

This is serious, now. There can be no more mucking around. If I am at work, I must do half an hour in the work gym. And I must control my cravings for cr*ppy food.


On Day 1 I was 16st 7lb. Now, on Day 21, I am 16st 3lbs. If I was on target, I would now be 15st 3lb. So, I’m a stone behind, which is no good. On the other hand, 4lb in 3 weeks is a good, controlled, healthy weight loss. If only it wasn’t for this photoshoot I would feel like I’m failing right now!

I’ve got 14 days left. To reach my wedding weight, I’d need to lose 1.86lbs a day. Clearly not going to happen. So I’ll just have to up the gymwork, lower my fatty and sugary food intake, and see how I get along.

Day 28/35: Wednesday 11th February
Original goal: 14st 5lb
Current weight loss trend: 16st 1lb
?Possible attainable goal: 15st 10lb (1lb per day)

© 2015 Bryan A. J. Parry

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