Fatty Parry 4: Mission Impossible (Day 21 of 35)

fattyparryedited1I was given 30 days to lose 30lbs and get back to my wedding weight of 14st 5lb. Why? Because of a photoshoot (don’t ask). That’s now been extended to 35 days! Today is day 21 of 35.

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Another ridiculously long working week (6 days of 14 hours each) has stopped me working out as hard as I would like. But I have been working out extra hard when I do get the chance.

My food has not been perfect, but it’s been marginally better.

This is serious, now. There can be no more mucking around. If I am at work, I must do half an hour in the work gym. And I must control my cravings for cr*ppy food.


On Day 1 I was 16st 7lb. Now, on Day 21, I am 16st 3lbs. If I was on target, I would now be 15st 3lb. So, I’m a stone behind, which is no good. On the other hand, 4lb in 3 weeks is a good, controlled, healthy weight loss. If only it wasn’t for this photoshoot I would feel like I’m failing right now!

I’ve got 14 days left. To reach my wedding weight, I’d need to lose 1.86lbs a day. Clearly not going to happen. So I’ll just have to up the gymwork, lower my fatty and sugary food intake, and see how I get along.

Day 28/35: Wednesday 11th February
Original goal: 14st 5lb
Current weight loss trend: 16st 1lb
?Possible attainable goal: 15st 10lb (1lb per day)

© 2015 Bryan A. J. Parry

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