ISIS and Palmyra


The best thing I’ve heard anyone say for weeks? Natalie Haynes in last night’s Evening Standard:

…why is it that those who proclaim the greatest religious fervour are so threatened by gods no longer worshipped.


As “Islamic State” continue their sacrilegious and totalitarian destruction of civilisation, culture, and history with the demolition of the ancient temple of Bel in Palmyra, I too am taking time out from my anguish and highly effectual hand-wringing to wonder: why are ISIS so scared of dead gods?

 © 2015 Bryan A. J. Parry

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2 thoughts on “ISIS and Palmyra

  1. Their real fear is of being ignored–like a child throwing a temper-tantrum, they wish only to attract our attention–especially the young and vulnerable.

    1. I’ve gotta say, you’re probably right on that. There certainly seems to be an element of that to it.

      Is anyone going to do anything about ISIS, though? Are the Arab states? Is the West? It’s all completely depressing.

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