New Year’s Resolutions 2015: Update #newyearsresolution @resolutions


It’s thoroughly December. So with a matter of weeks left of 2015, I’m going to review / update my 2015 New Year’s Resolutions.

Warning: this post is more for my benefit than for you guys.


GOALS FOR 2015 & (previously) EXPECTED DATES

  1. [GEN/KEY] Create a timetable with slots, just like at school, and fill that timetable intelligently with all I need to achieve… and STICK TO IT!!!! [JAN]
  2. [LANG] Continue my programme of 30′ minimum every day each for Swedish and Spanish using Memrise and Duolingo. [Effective immediate]
  3. [LANG] Do an A2 DELE and at least begin the course which leads to a B1 DELE. [JUL-DEC]
  4. [LANG] Do an A2 Swedex and at least begin working towards B1. [JUL-DEC]
  5. [LANG] Complete Duff and Taylor GCSE 1 again. Upon completion, look into doing GCSEs in Ancient Greek again. [Begin JAN; one Chapter per fortnight, expected finish date NOV/DEC]
  6. [ART] Do one cartoon per six weeks; begin to upload them and/or other artwork online. [Begin Jan]
  7. [ART] Get the first draft of Part II of a book I’m writing, code name 21CLF, finished in a “polished draft”. [JUN]
  8. [ART] Get the first draft of Part III of “21CLF” finished. [DEC]
  9. [ART] Get one feature length script up to 2nd/3rd draft stage.
  10. [ART] Send off the pilot of one of my sitcom series ideas to a producer. [MAR]
  11. [ART] Over the course of a year, do an average of one 30′ sitcom script per six weeks — total redrafts of scripts are counted towards this goal.
  12. [LIFE] My weight has ballooned again: cut myself down to a healthy BMI & weight (around 13st) and stay there through healthy changes of diet and exercise regime, specifically, a minimum of three days going to the gym, daily use of the work gym for 30′ intense sessions, and less snacks. [Begin JAN]
  13. [LIFE] Finish buying the/a house. [FEB]
  14. [LIFE] Pass my driving theory test and begin lessons.
  15. [LIFE] Save ideally a minimum 20% of my post-tax income (or minimum £300, ideally £600, per month). [Begin 27th JAN]
  16. [WORK] Sit and pass the International Phonetics Association exam. [JUN/DEC depending on when they run it this year]
  17. [WORK] Research and apply to do an MA/MPhil in an area of Linguistics. [JAN/FEB]
  18. [WORK] Begin a DELTA to improve my ESOL career. [ASAP]
  19. [WORK] Do the first two editing courses, set up as an official business, network and set up online media relating to the business. [ASAP]
  20. [WORK] Get a better paid job. [ASAP]
  21. [GEN] Go to Thailand with the Missus. [during Thai dry season]
  22. [GEN] Finish reading the Koran. [DEC]


  1. FAILED. No. I keep doing my daily “to do” lists. This might have something to do with the lack of progress all round…
  2. FAILING. Stopped Memrise, CatSpanish, and since my Summer holidays, I aven’t picked up Duolingo at all. Till June, I was succeeding 100%; since July, failing 100%. Very disappointing.
  3. FAILED.
  4. FAILED.
  5. FAILED. Big time. Haven’t even opened the book. Keep going to Greece on holiday, though; Modern Greek’s appeal is growing by the day…
  6. FAILING. But I am trying. I am consistently working on and thinking about cartoons, but it is genuinely more like one per six months. Need to be more consistent!
  7. FAILED. Started well. But got side-tracked a few months ago (Summer holidays again!), so close to the finishing line. I need to set aside like a full day soon and just go for it!
  8. FAILED. Nowhere near. This is dependent on getting Goal 7 done first (see previous note).
  9. FAILED. Nowhere near. Very disappointed. Creative stuff is very important to me, and I am failing dismally. I have been putting this off so as to focus all effort on Goals 7 & 8…
  10. FAILED. Have not gone back to redraft an episode, so clearly haven’t sent one off.
  11. FAILED. Wow, was I optimistic…
  12. FAILED. I got my weight down a little, then it shot up, then it went down a bit again, and now it’s right back up again… It’s around 16st 3lbs / 227lbs now. Pathetic. Being a healthy weight is a simple as not eating too much crap and exercising regularly.
  13. SUCCEEDED!! My proudest achievement this year, I’ve gotta say. The only thing I desperately wanted to do which I’ve done in 2015.
  14. FAILED. Not even started…
  15. FAILED/N.A. Savings are highly variable. Plus, I’ve re-evaluated my financial plan so this may no longer be relevant. Unsure.
  16. FAILED. Haven’t even begun revising.
  17. FAILED. See Goal 14’s Progress for in depth coverage.
  18. FAILED. No money, no time, not emotionally ready.
  19. FAILED. But not for lack of trying. No money, no time are the main problems here.
  20. FAILED. I’m earning more dough through various avenues, but I haven’t yet found the standard higher paid job.
  21. N/A. Not happening, but it isn’t the time. Who knows…
  22. FAILING. I’m reading it, but I’m behind my schedule.

So, that’s ONE SUCCEEDED out of 22, the rest have FAILED already or are FAILING fast… not a fantastic hit rate, I’ve got to say. I had a very busy Summer with several holidays — mostly friends’ weddings. Kind of derailed me a bit.

2015 can be characterised thus. Great first quarter, followed by stagnation in Q2, then total chaos and shambling along in Q3 and 4. The things most important to me — getting a better paid and more fulfilling job / furthering my career, learning languages, and creative / artistic endeavours — have all fallen on their arse.

But I think this looking over my goals is the shot in the bum I need!


I think the key to my failures in 2015 has been, as usual, LACK OF CONSISTENCY. I’ve done a lot this year, a lot of good stuff. But I’ve not managed to be consistent. I’ve had strong bursts and relapses. It’s been stop-start. Yet most successful endeavours in life require non-stop toil for an indefinite / never-ending period.

For 2016, I think I need to focus on how to maintain consistency especially in my routine. Whenever I have had successful periods in my life, it has been down to a consistent routine religiously followed (and sleep deprivation!).

Filing my goals away in nice folders maybe hasn’t kept me on my toes enough. I should print out copies of my goals, keep them in my wallet, and look at them daily; as the lists get crumpled and decay by overuse,  this will stand as a reminder and prompt to make sure my dreams aren’t also decaying.

Right now I know I’m not doing everything I can to succeed. I’m missing one key element at least: consistency. Let’s see if I can get a grip here and start 2016 the way I mean to carry on.

© 2015 Bryan A. J. Parry


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