Fatty Parry 19: 13 Week Wedding Weight Loss: 5 @ww_uk @weightwatchers

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I’m on a 13 week diet to get into (a less round) shape for a family wedding. Click here for a quick explanation of what and why: but the short of it is this: having a Body Mass of over 30 (= “Obese Class 1”) in a suit at a wedding in the sun in Spain is not a good look!

Last week

Last week was Groundhog Week: pretty much the same as the week before. Plenty of fruit and veg, but too much snackage wrecked the week. I kept forgetting my apples/pears/carrots snacks at home, and I kept not making time to eat brekkie. This is where I fell down. This week I’ve really gotta sort this out: breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it sets you up and keeps you going. And if you have a healthy snack to hand, you’ll never reach for the bickies/crisps/chocs. Happily, though, at least I don’t weigh more than last week(!)

As I said last week, my goal has got to be to lose a healthy amount of 3lb a week for the next few weeks.

Next week

Bring my healthy snacks to work, eat a porridge and fruit breakfast.

  • week 1: 03/04/17: 16st 11.6lb (235.6lb)
  • week 2: 10/04/17: 16st 9.2lb (233.2lb) target was 233.1lb
  • week 3: 17/04/17: 16st 7lb (231lb) target was 230.6lb
  • week 4: 24/04/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 228.1lb
  • week 5: 01/05/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 225.6lb
  • GOAL: 03/07/17: 14st 7lb (203lb)

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