Fatty Parry 24: 13 Week Wedding Weight Loss: 12 @ww_uk @weightwatchers

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I’m on a 13 week diet to get into (a less round) shape for a family wedding. Click here for a quick explanation of what and why: but the short of it is this: having a Body Mass of over 30 (= “Obese Class 1”) in a suit at a wedding in the sun in Spain is not a good look!

Last week

I began my almost cold turkey approach of no junk whatsoever four weeks ago. That is, one treat a week, one bottle of beer a week, and no more than a couple of biscuits a day. Click week ten’s post for details. This is yielding BIG results. 14lb in the last four weeks! That’s a whole stone!!

This week I got under sixteen stone — and stayed there. Can’t tell you how happy and vindicated in myself I felt when I saw that, morning, noon, and night, I was under sixteen stone! That is a huge milestone for me.

Last week I lost 5.6lb. I was always full up, ate whenever I was hungry. I was careful with silly things, too: for example, I’ve switched to skimmed milk, from semi, because of the vast amounts of tea and coffee I drink a day. It’s easy to add sugar, fat, and energy to your diet like that and not even realise. I don’t miss semi-skimmed at all! Eating meals more slowly so I don’t overeat — as it takes a while for your gut to register it has food in it. Also trying to focus on what I’m eating, instead of shovelling it in whilst yacking or watching a film, so as to enjoy it more. This way, I don’t need the “hit” of eating again and again, as I enjoyed it more in the first place. I think my mindset is beginning to turn a lot, as well, as I saw someone eating three donuts for breakfast the other day — and my genuine reaction was not longing, but disgust.

Next week

Upset that it took until week 9 before I could get a grip. I would have met my target weight if I had sorted my head out earlier. As it is, I am still going be hot, sweaty, and bulging out of my wedding suit. None-the-less, I feel like I can get myself under 15 1/2 stone by the wedding; there is even a very outside possibility that I might get it down to 15. But the key is always: eating healthily, eating balanced, never starving, never total depriving. So it won’t be as bad in the wedding as it would have been.

I’m going to try and hope for a 4lb plus weight loss this week. So that would be 15st 5lb / 215lb.

  • week 1: 03/04/17: 16st 11.6lb (235.6lb)
  • week 2: 10/04/17: 16st 9.2lb (233.2lb) target was 233.1lb
  • week 3: 17/04/17: 16st 7lb (231lb) target was 230.6lb
  • week 4: 24/04/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 228.1lb
  • week 5: 01/05/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 225.6lb
  • week 6: 08/05/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 223.1lb
  • week 7: 15/05/17: 16st 9lb (233lb) target was 220.6lb
  • week 8: 22/05/17: 16st 9lb (233lb) target was 218.1lb
  • week 9: 29/05/17: 16st 4.8lb (228.8lb) target was 215.6lb
  • week 10: 05/06/17: 16st 1lb (225lb) target was 224.6lb/213.1lb*
  • week 11: 12/06/17: 16st 0.6lb (224.6lb) target was 221.5lb/210.6lb*
  • week 12: 19/06/17: 15st 9.0lb (219lb) target was 221lb/208.1lb*
  • GOAL: 03/07/17: 14st 7lb (203lb)

*the left hand figure is my new revised target, the right hand one was my original target.

© 2017 Bryan A. J. Parry

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