Fatty Parry 24: 13 Week Wedding Weight Loss: 13 @ww_uk @weightwatchers

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NOTE: this post was meant to come out last week, but I was on the aforesaid  wedding trip!

I’m on a 13 week diet to get into (a less round) shape for a family wedding. Click here for a quick explanation of what and why: but the short of it is this: having a Body Mass of over 30 (= “Obese Class 1”) in a suit at a wedding in the sun in Spain is not a good look!

Last week

I began my almost cold turkey approach of no junk whatsoever five weeks ago. That is, one treat a week, one bottle of beer a week, and no more than a couple of biscuits a day. Click week ten’s post for details. This is yielding BIG results. 16lb in the last five weeks!

Next week

The wedding is this weekend. So I hope to lose a couple more pounds.

In any case, I’ll let you know my final weight next week. Bear in mind, any weight I lose before the wedding, I’ll likely have put back on after the revelries. But hopefully I’ll still be under 15st 7lb by my next update. I’ll also conclude this series, 13 Week Wedding Weight Loss, with my overall thoughts on how this thirteen weeks has gone and some key things I’ve learnt.

The future

After my final entry, I  will be starting the sequel to this post series — because I have another wedding in October! Clearly the secret to weight loss is 2-4 weddings a year! Hopefully, I keep this weight off and keep striving towards my goal equipped with the insight I’ve gained this time round. But the goal then won’t be reaching 14st 7lb, which is just over the weight I was when I got married in 2013. No! I’ll be going for my target weight that I haven’t been since I was 20 years old: 13st 7lb! (189lb)

  • week 1: 03/04/17: 16st 11.6lb (235.6lb)
  • week 2: 10/04/17: 16st 9.2lb (233.2lb) target was 233.1lb
  • week 3: 17/04/17: 16st 7lb (231lb) target was 230.6lb
  • week 4: 24/04/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 228.1lb
  • week 5: 01/05/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 225.6lb
  • week 6: 08/05/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 223.1lb
  • week 7: 15/05/17: 16st 9lb (233lb) target was 220.6lb
  • week 8: 22/05/17: 16st 9lb (233lb) target was 218.1lb
  • week 9: 29/05/17: 16st 4.8lb (228.8lb) target was 215.6lb
  • week 10: 05/06/17: 16st 1lb (225lb) target was 224.6lb/213.1lb*
  • week 11: 12/06/17: 16st 0.6lb (224.6lb) target was 221.5lb/210.6lb*
  • week 12: 19/06/17: 15st 9.0lb (219lb) target was 221lb/208.1lb*
  • week 13: 26/06/17: 15st 6.8lb (216.8lb) target was 215lb/205.6lb*
  • GOAL: 03/07/17: 14st 7lb (203lb)

*the left hand figure is my new revised target, the right hand one was my original target.

© 2017 Bryan A. J. Parry

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