Fatty Parry 25: 13 Week Wedding Weight Loss: CONCLUSION @ww_uk @weightwatchers

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I HAVE BEEN on a 13 week diet to get into (a less round) shape for a family wedding. Click here for a quick explanation of what and why: but the short of it is this: having a Body Mass of over 30 (= “Obese Class 1”) in a suit at a wedding in the sun in Spain is not a good look!


The 13 week diet had its ups and downs. As you can see from the weekly summary below, I only really began losing weight half way through the diet. This was very disappointing and meant that I missed my immensely achievable weight target of 14st 7lb. None-the-less, I turned it around and was only 11.6lb from my target. I fit into my suit and looked pretty dapper, too. Not quite so dapper pool-side, mind! But this was only Phase 1 in my transformation: slow and steady wins the race and is healthy and sustainable.

The reason for my inability to lose weight at first? I thought that a healthy diet plus the “odd reward” would be okay. Actually, when I totted it up, the “odd reward” was more like 2-3 takeaways a week, a couple of bottles of beer most nights, and biccies or chocs with almost every cup of tea/coffee–and I drink a lot of tea and coffee! Plus, not everything was healthy; semi-skimmed milk still adds up quite badly when you’re drinking half a dozen cups of tea/coffee a day.

I changed tack and began my “almost cold turkey” approach of no junk whatsoever from week eight. That is, one treat a week, one bottle of beer a week, and no more than a couple of biscuits a day. Click week ten’s post for details. This yielded BIG results. 18lbs in the six weeks!

What I’ve learnt

Most of my posts in this series have tips and advice based on what I’ve learnt (weeks: 1 2 3 4 5 7 9 10 11 12 13). But I think the key things to bear in mind are:

  • Mindfulness: be aware of what you really are taking in; eat slowly and focus on the food without distractions as this will make you enjoy it more and feel fuller; don’t fatten yourself with hidden devils such as unhealthy salad dressing or the milk in your morning latte.
  • Don’t starve: you should never be hungry, always nicely full. Crunchy foods which make you chew and which fill you up are the ideal snack to keep hunger at bay, such as apples, pears, peppers, and radishes.
  • Eat small and often: three meals plus two or three snacks. Snacks should be healthy!
  • Drink lots of water: will keep you healthy and destroy your hunger.
  • Inches not pounds: you should be aiming to slowly transform your body in the desired direction, but don’t obsess about weight. Your weights goes up and down all the time: worry more about inches, not pounds.

One week on

My plan was always to enjoy myself on the wedding trip. I wouldn’t eat endless Pringles, but I would drink and enjoy myself. I had no scales in Spain to keep tabs on myself, but I could more-or-less guess. Also, I was happy to take a half stone (7lb) hit! That is, gaining around two week’s weight loss in one week. So long as I didn’t go over the, for me, psychologically important weight of 16 stone, I would be happy.

And that’s what has happened. I’ve gone back up to 15st 13lb. Most of this weight gain was doubtles due to the wedding feast as well as the few tinies of beer every day. Otherwise, my diet was pretty good.

The future

I have another wedding on the 14th October! So I’ll be starting the sequel to this post series: Twelve Week Wedding Weight Loss. Clearly the secret to weight loss is 2-4 weddings a year! Hopefully, I keep this weight off and keep striving towards my goal equipped with the insight I’ve gained this time round. But the goal then won’t be reaching 14st 7lb, which is just over the weight I was when I got married in 2013. No! I’ll be going for my target weight that I haven’t been since I was 20 years old: 13st 7lb! (189lb) Why? This is the weight that I know, from my own experience, is healthy for me. Thus begins Phase 2 of Operation Fatty Parry.

13 Week Wedding Weight Loss: Week-By-Week

  • week 1: 03/04/17: 16st 11.6lb (235.6lb)
  • week 2: 10/04/17: 16st 9.2lb (233.2lb) target was 233.1lb
  • week 3: 17/04/17: 16st 7lb (231lb) target was 230.6lb
  • week 4: 24/04/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 228.1lb
  • week 5: 01/05/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 225.6lb
  • week 6: 08/05/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 223.1lb
  • week 7: 15/05/17: 16st 9lb (233lb) target was 220.6lb
  • week 8: 22/05/17: 16st 9lb (233lb) target was 218.1lb
  • week 9: 29/05/17: 16st 4.8lb (228.8lb) target was 215.6lb
  • week 10: 05/06/17: 16st 1lb (225lb) target was 224.6lb/213.1lb*
  • week 11: 12/06/17: 16st 0.6lb (224.6lb) target was 221.5lb/210.6lb*
  • week 12: 19/06/17: 15st 9.0lb (219lb) target was 221lb/208.1lb*
  • week 13: 26/06/17: 15st 6.8lb (216.8lb) target was 215lb/205.6lb*
  • WEDDING DAY: 03/07/17: 15st 4.6lb (214.6lb) target was 214.8lb/203lb
  • GOAL: 03/07/17: 14st 7lb (203lb)
  • WEDDING DAY + 1 WEEK: 10/07/17: 15st 13lb (223lb)

*the left hand figure is my new revised target, the right hand one was my original target.

© 2017 Bryan A. J. Parry

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