About: Me, This Blog, and My Other Projects

haveyouseenthismancroppedThe Bryan. Vital Stats:

* Rust-proof
* Fully automated blinking system
* Legs that go all the way up
* Lifetime guaranteed

My Name’s Bryan Parry. I like writing, films, languages, linguistics, comedy, curry, and The Smiths. I’m an ESOL teacher but I haven’t quite given up hope on being a writer — yet. I’ve also got a bunch of pages online — check ’em out!

The Doggerelizer (blog): “Where a writer manque splurges words all over your screen”. A collection of my writings on various topics. Articles, essays, reviews, poetry, scripts, comedy sketches, and so on. Essentially, the blog version of my YouTube channel (style-wise, at least). So, a random collection of articles whose only really connective theme is ‘stuff wot I care about wot I writ’.

Other Projects

My YouTube Channel: video blogs on various topics: religion, philosophy, poetry, language, politics, sport, comedy. Varied stuff.

My Twitter Page: soundbites; stuff too insubstantial and fluff-like to appear on my highly intellectually challenging (*coff*) YouTube channel. So, basically, random football insults and out-of-context news snippets.

Wrixlings (blog): “The best words are short, the short words are Saxon… usually”. My blog where I discuss the burning issue of the day: how to construct a plainer English derived more from the Germanic wordstock inherent in the language. Yes.

The Tungmaker (blog): “A sad little man makes up languages and writes about it”. Too much vodka and a stray chromosome have left me with the debilitating condition known as conlangaria, whereby the suffer is compelled, even to the point of harming himself, to invent languages for imagarinary worlds with imaginary cultures. There is no known cure. Please donate your funds and together we can crush conlangaria!

The Church of Epicurus (blog): “Don’t fear God; don’t fear death; good things are easy to get; bad things are easy to endure”. My website discussing the philosophy of Epicurus and related ancient Greek philosophers, and its relevance and application to the modern day.

© 2013 – 2015 Bryan Ashley James Parry


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