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The Doggerelizer: Changes


I’ve made a few tweaks to this blog. Firstly, I’ve added five tabs to the front page so it’s easier to browse my articles.


ATHEISM: atheism, religion, philosophy; I’m an atheist and hold an MA in Christian Theology, so it’s an abiding interest for me.
DIETING: my struggles with the terrible disease of finding-everything-delicious-(but-not-lettuce)-alitis.
FILM & TV: film, TV, media; mostly me moaning about Game of Thrones spoilers and slagging off successful film-makers whilst trying to disguise my seething jealousy and bitterness as “critique”.
LANGUAGE: language learning, English language, foreign languages, poetry, and linguistics.
POLITICS: everything and anything of a political nature.

I’ve also changed the web address to

I hope these tweaks make your experience smoother and more fluid.

© 2016 Bryan A. J. Parry