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Used up Batteries and Bits of Broken Toy #ManDrawer #MentalManDrawer

This blog has quite a few drafts saved up from yonks ago, articles which are out-of-date as they were written about contemporary events which are long past. However, I don’t have the heart to delete these drafts. Yet I can’t bear looking at them anymore; it’s driving me to distraction. It’s like going into your garage or your man drawer and just seeing all the shite there, useless junk you know you’ll never use but which you keep “just in case”.

Well, I’ve had it.

I’m going to start posting these things, with the tag “Used up Batteries and Bits of Broken Toy”. So apologies if you see a passionate article arguing a now defunct point, such as why we shouldn’t join the ERM, but there we are.

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You might have noticed some of my recent posts having notices at the bottom along these lines: “© 2015-2020 Bryan A. J. Parry”. I mean, how can a tiny blogpost take five years to write? I haven’t gone mad, it’s just that I had to stop blogging for a bit, hence I piled up quite a large backlog of stuff. I am always writing. Therefore, I’ve got scores of unpublished drafts. It’s so annoying that I have a life to live which is causing me to not post as often as I like; if only I wasn’t alive, I could post every day! And ironically…

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About Page Updated (2018)

For your information, I’ve updated my “About” page for the first time in three years! Check it out.

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Banter!! #banter #bodymalfunction


Just blew my nose. A bit of poo came out my bum. What the fuck!?

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100 Posts! @wordpressdotcom


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07:40 Leave home.
09:12 Arrive @ work.
12′ late. Disciplinary.
21:00 Leave work.
23:08 Arrive home.
Now to:
Edit students’ work, wash, say hello/good night to the wife.
Wake up at 6:30; 6:45 didn’t work.