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You might have noticed some of my recent posts having notices at the bottom along these lines: “© 2015-2020 Bryan A. J. Parry”. I mean, how can a tiny blogpost take five years to write? I haven’t gone mad, it’s just that I had to stop blogging for a bit, hence I piled up quite a large backlog of stuff. I am always writing. Therefore, I’ve got scores of unpublished drafts. It’s so annoying that I have a life to live which is causing me to not post as often as I like; if only I wasn’t alive, I could post every day! And ironically…

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About Page Updated (2018)

For your information, I’ve updated my “About” page for the first time in three years! Check it out.

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Banter!! #banter #bodymalfunction


Just blew my nose. A bit of poo came out my bum. What the fuck!?

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07:40 Leave home.
09:12 Arrive @ work.
12′ late. Disciplinary.
21:00 Leave work.
23:08 Arrive home.
Now to:
Edit students’ work, wash, say hello/good night to the wife.
Wake up at 6:30; 6:45 didn’t work.