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Bryan and Idoia’s Wedding 2: Surprise Video


In my post Bryan & Idoia’s Wedding 1: Ceremony I linked you to a video by Gag Producciones of my wedding ceremony. Here is a video from the same company of the surprise video that me and my bride, Idoia, arranged for all the guests — but particularly her brother.

The video was shown during dinner. The video was mostly filmed and edited during the day itself before it was shown. Top work from Gerardo and Romina at Gag Producciones.




featured photo from http://www.gagproducciones.com/wp-content/uploads/foto-3.jpg

Bryan & Idoia’s Wedding 1: Ceremony

I’m quite a private person. I like to keep certain things to myself; I didn’t even tell my work colleagues that I was getting married. They found out whilst I was away. Hilarity ensued upon my return: But.. you got… whuh!?. But despite that, I’m quite proud of the wedding me and my wife managed to arrange. And so, whilst I’m too shy to share it with any actual humans, e.g., my work colleagues, I feel free to share it with you netizens.

Below is a video of the ceremony filmed by gag producciones which I’ve put on my YouTube channel. I hope it gives you pleasure and maybe even some ideas for your own wedding.