Fatty Parry 23: 13 Week Wedding Weight Loss: 11 @ww_uk @weightwatchers

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I’m on a 13 week diet to get into (a less round) shape for a family wedding. Click here for a quick explanation of what and why: but the short of it is this: having a Body Mass of over 30 (= “Obese Class 1”) in a suit at a wedding in the sun in Spain is not a good look!

Last week

I began my almost cold turkey approach of no junk whatsoever three weeks ago. That is, one treat a week, one bottle of beer a week, and no more than a couple of biscuits a day. Click last week’s post for details. This is yielding BIG results. Around 9lb in the last three weeks!

There was a slight blip this week, though. I only lost 0.6lb. Why? Well, Saturday morning I was 15st 13.4lb / 223.4lb. That’s 1.6lb down from the week before. So I was on course for 2lb + weight loss by the end of the week. However, one of my cousin’s had their Communion. And even though I stayed away from the cake, burgers, and other goodies, I simply had to munch something in this time of merriment. So I had two beers, half a glass of wine, a samosa, and a tasty sandwich which was chock full of crud. Also, I had a latte every day — this was due to having appointments galore and not being able to sort my eating and drinking pattern properly. This combo meant I didn’t make as much progress.

None-the-less, in the face of non-ideal circumstances, I was strong and resisted most junk, and my weight has still gone down!

Next week

Gotta keep it up. Try to lay off the lattes; if my routine is knackered, and I haven’t had my normal food or drink in the morning a Nero CostaBucks coffee isn’t the solution. No celebrations this coming week, either, so that should make things easier. Gotta make sure I do more jogging, too! Let’s go for three runs this week, including one at the weekend.

I’m going to try and aim for a 3-4lb weight loss this week. So that would be 15st 10.6-11.6lb / 220.6-221.6lb.

  • week 1: 03/04/17: 16st 11.6lb (235.6lb)
  • week 2: 10/04/17: 16st 9.2lb (233.2lb) target was 233.1lb
  • week 3: 17/04/17: 16st 7lb (231lb) target was 230.6lb
  • week 4: 24/04/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 228.1lb
  • week 5: 01/05/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 225.6lb
  • week 6: 08/05/17: 16st 8.8lb (232.8lb) target was 223.1lb
  • week 7: 15/05/17: 16st 9lb (233lb) target was 220.6lb
  • week 8: 22/05/17: 16st 9lb (233lb) target was 218.1lb
  • week 9: 29/05/17: 16st 4.8lb (228.8lb) target was 215.6lb
  • week 10: 05/06/17: 16st 1lb (225lb) target was 224.6lb/213.1lb*
  • week 11: 12/06/17: 16st 0.6lb (224.6lb) target was 221.5lb/213.1lb*
  • GOAL: 03/07/17: 14st 7lb (203lb)

*the left hand figure is my new revised target, the right hand one was my original target.

© 2017 Bryan A. J. Parry

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